Campus Improvement Team

The Campus Improvement Team (C.I.T.) is a group of parents, community, business, and staff members whose job is to advise the principal on decisions in the area of goal setting, curriculum, budgeting, and school organization.

Terrace Elementary 2019-2020 Campus Improvement Team

April Blanco

Building Principal

Nelda De La Rosa

Assistant Principal

Kathy Lee

District Campus Liaison

Melissa Hueske – yr 1


Karen Carrillo – yr 1


Kellie O’Quinn- yr1

Non-teaching Staff

Megan Canales – yr 1

Non-teaching Staff

Caroline Clay – yr 1

Parent Representative

Alissa Meyers – yr 2

Parent Representative

Erika Cuellar – yr 2

Community Representative

Kelly Lewis – yr 1

Business Representative