Campus Improvement Team

The Campus Improvement Team (C.I.T.) is a group of parents, community, business, and staff members whose job is to advise the principal on decisions in the area of goal setting, curriculum, budgeting, and school organization.

Terrace Elementary 2021 - 2022 Campus Improvement Team

Enemencio Gomez


Alma Rodriguez


Brooke Bramlett

Non-teaching staff

Maria Luna

Non-teaching staff

Leigh Ann Bryant


Jackie Phan


Audrey Persch


Warren Sloan


Caitlyn Luberger

District Rep.

Month Date Time Location  Agenda 
September 21 3:00 PM Terrace MPR  
November 1 3:00 PM Terrace MPR  
December 13 3:00 PM Terrace MPR  
January 24 3:00 PM Terrace MPR  
February 28 3:00 PM Terrace MPR  
April 4 3:00 PM Terrace MPR  
May TBD      
June  TBD