School Communication

Open, timely communication is key to a strong home school partnership. All teachers are expected to build positive relationships with their students and their families.

A folder will be sent home every Thursday. Flyers, graded papers, and any other school information or reminders will be sent home via the Thursday folder. 

●      Fall conferences are held with parents at the end of the first nine weeks. Spring conferences will be scheduled as needed.

●      Parents may call or e-mail the school to schedule a parent-teacher conference at any time.

●      Staff members are expected to respond to all communication within 24 hours.

●      Teachers are available after school and during their scheduled conference time.

●      When making an appointment, please make sure the teacher knows why you would like to meet so that they may prepare for the conference. This will help ensure that the conference is focused and serves to meet the needs of the student.


For the safety and protection of our students, transportation changes cannot be taken over the phone

●      All transportation changes must be in writing and received before 1:30pm. 

●      The note must include the date of the change, the child’s name, the parent’s name, and a phone contact, should there be any questions.

●       The Terrace campus website has an e-mail link to communicate with the front office.