Tech & Devices


Students and volunteers must follow the Acceptable Use guidelines. Parents must sign the Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines and Directory Information form in order for their child to access district technology.  All students regularly use our computers and various other forms of technology in their classrooms throughout the year. Effort to integrate technology into curriculum and instruction is a priority at TCE.  Classroom teachers are responsible for implementing the technology plan which provides the preparation and support for students to effectively integrate technology into learning in the content areas. 


Students who bring personal cell phones to school must have them turned off during the school day. If a student’s cell phone accidentally rings during the day, the teacher will ask the student to turn off the device and put it away in the student’s backpack.

Telecommunications devices shall not be used to:

●      Take pictures or video at any time during the school day on school grounds or on school bus

●      Disrupt the educational process

●      Endanger the health or safety of the student or anyone else

●      Invade the rights of others at school

●      Involve illegal or prohibited conduct of any kind

If a student is found using the device inappropriately, it will be confiscated and turned over to a campus administrator. Please refer to the SBISD Elementary Student/Parent Handbook.

Students are not allowed to use other personal electronic devices at school such as IPads, DS, or PSPs. These items often become a distraction and cause conflicts when lost or stolen. The school will provide all devices needed for learning.
The district is not responsible for lost or stolen telecommunications or electronic devices brought onto the campus. For more information, please refer to the SBISD Elementary Student/Parent Handbook.