Toys, Parties & Birthdays


●      ONLY store bought small cookies, small cupcakes, or doughnuts may be sent to school to celebrate your child’s birthday. 

●      Please notify your child’s teacher the day before.

●      Gifts, flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, cakes, party favors, or visitors are not permitted.

●      Birthday invitations may be distributed in the classroom only when ALL students in the classroom are included.


●      We celebrate the holidays with a Winter Party and a Valentine’s Party.

●      Our parties will consist of a game, craft, activity and a light snack.

●      The parties are intended for the children. Parents who wish to visit during a party should pre-register in the office prior to the event.

TOYS including Fidget Spinners/Fidget Devices

Toys may not be brought to school. They often become a distraction and cause conflicts should they become lost or stolen.

Fidget devices and spinners have become a big distraction and are causing problems in the classrooms and on the playground.

Fidget devices and fidget spinners are consider a toy unless they are written into a student’s individualized plan as an instructional classroom accommodation. Any accommodation will be provided by the school for that child per their plan. Since toys are not allowed at school, fidget devices and fidget spinners that have not been provided by the school as an accommodation are also not allowed. Please remind your children that all toys, including these devices and spinners, are to be kept at home.